Wednesday, December 19, 2018

A Goal

I never adored clingy woman, neither do I aspired to be one.

Thru the journey that I never expected this year, one thing that I learned best:
Enjoying my time with myself, my loneliness, is one of the ways to live my life consciously.

By time, I am content with or without any companion, but when I am with someone else, or  to be exact: someone special that I love, be respectful of their thoughts, their feelings, and everything in between is a must. I believed I will always be that person who listen rather than talk and that's how I respect you.

The more I suffered this year, the more I realized, to become a principled person is a goal. I started to be that since forever, but it's a process of learning, that's what. I don't have to like what others liked, I don't always have to agree to all things that they liked. Maybe at first it's gonna be confusing, but I just hope that people will sense my principle.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Dari Sastrawan Idola Nenek

"Kesedihan tidak untuk dipampangkan kepada semua orang. Itu adalah sesuatu yang seharusnya diimpit-impit, diselinapkan di balik lapisan penutup. Karena kesedihan adalah hal yang sangat pribadi, seperti rahasia, harus disembunyikan dari pandang orang lain." - Nh. Dini

Maafkan atas segala yang pernah terlontar dan menyisakan pahit pada setiap kamu.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Journey to the Light

I think this is it. I don't understand why everything's so confusing, though that's just the way it is.

It's an endless ride;
Humble myself. Ask His guidance. Ask His protection.

I try to understand, I go out, I walk on earth, I see the world.

To see things in different perspective;
May I experience the light upon light, until Allah pulls me out from the darkness.